Delhi Escort Service Rates –

There are many important things that a man needs to know about Delhi Escorts. And the Rates of their services before booking any of their exclusive, sensual services. The rates charged for certain types of Delhi Escorts Services vary depending on the time, quality, and level of work carried out during your stay. Here are some basic guidelines on how much one should expect to spend per hour or per session:

– In a traditional Indian call girl model, where you see her for an entire day. Expect prices starting from 20000 INR to 40000 INR.

– If you want to book a call girl for the evening and the night. Expect prices starting from 10000 INR.

– If you want to book an escort for the whole night, you can expect prices starting from 20000 INR.

– If you would like to book a Delhi Call Girl for only one night. Then expect prices starting from 30000 INR.

– If you are looking for an escort in Delhi who is available for out-call and not in-call then, you should have expectations of being charged per hour starting from 400000 INR.


After, knowing the rate of Delhi Escorts Service, it is very important that what kind of services they provide.

Delhi Escorts Agency – These are girls hired by an escort agency. They differ a lot from independent escorts in that they do not make their own appointments. But are instead booked by the escort agency. They will not negotiate on price.  Independent Call Girls – These girls work for themselves, doing nothing else. In other words, they only work as call girls and make no pretense of having other jobs (although many do). Their Rates are negotiable and their services are often advertised online. You can generally find out how much they charge by looking at their ads. And seeing what prices others have paid for the various services offered.